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Our MissionAllow my cameras eyes to record your perfect day.
Our VisionAffordable unobtrusive photography for all, which makes photography accessible for all.
Our PurposeProviding suitable packages for all occasions. Memories never forgotten. Capturing your day for a lifetime.
Closed for business
Timothy Older Photography is now closed for new wedding photography bookings. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of my Bride and Groom’s over the years and am fortunate to have spent much time in the company of some fantastic people. THANK YOU ALL! I will be returning this profession to a hobby – and this website will be updated in due course to showcase my hobby work.

Hi, my name is Timothy. This website, Timothy Older Photography, showcases some of my personal work, and previous professional work. I have been attached to the camera since my school days – when I was introduced into the dark room and the 35mm film camera. I still have that very first film SLR camera from the school days, a Konica Minolta 404SI. In fact, I have recently taken delivery of some developing equipment and intend to return to the old school film photography as a further option within my camera bag. I miss those days, the anticipation whilst awaiting the results from your days shoot – how do they look?!

After leaving school I started work in retail management, and sadly my hobbies’ time was taken up by a very demanding career. Then came my two beautiful daughters, and the option to become stay at home Dad. Who wouldn’t? It was the time I had between the school runs whereby my passion returned. I purchased a low end DSLR, the Canon 1200D, and a few lessons with Adobe Photoshop. Everything about photography, and my love for it, just came rushing back. Within a matter of weeks, I upgraded my camera body to a professional full frame model, and that’s where I am now. You may have also come across some of work under the SYMPhotography brand/name, working alongside Ben Paul. I left the running of SYMPhotography to its original owner in 2017.

Level 5 Accredited in Digital Photography.

Level 4 Accredited in Photography and Photoshop.
Level 3 Accredited in Wedding Photography and Lightroom.

Contact me;

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e-mail tim@timsphotography.co.uk


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