Having a little sweep…

A colourful image showing a high street focusing on one man in a hi vis jacket sweeping the bricked floor on a dry cold day.

Apologies for the quiet of late. As you can see, the last post was from New Years! You know how it is – life just gets too busy some times. I hope to be able to update with a little more and more often. Recently I have conducted a lot of back end work on the web server, which I won’t bore you with – it’s a lot of code, and SQL work etc, but I am hoping that the website will now run a little smoother too; making these updates even more easier too 😉 – then I’ll have no excuses. Thank you for following.


Timothy Older

Timothy Older

Level 4 Photography and Photoshop Accredited.
Photographing Weddings, Portraits, Business Events, and more.

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